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[09 Aug 2006|12:50am]
so gorilla biscuits was completely amazing...it was the most fun i've had at a show since lifetime last august.

set your goals were ridiculous and they played "do you still hate me" which ruled

this is hell was good, but i was upset that the singer wasn't wearing the cancer bats shirt that he always wears

comeback kid was okay, i don't like the new singer much

murphys law was fucking hilarious. i love seeing those guys, they are awesome

gorilla biscuits was fucking insane. sing alongs, stage dives, getting water dumped all over me...good times

unfortunately, i am currently broke and can not afford to go to any pointless fest shows, or the leeway show in asbury park...i have to save my money for this is hardcore weekend...the good news is i'm starting to get more hours at work,yay
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[27 Apr 2006|06:48pm]
new name swamps_of_nj add it suckas
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[24 Apr 2006|11:27am]
went to the log cabin in toms river last night...we saw the mongoloids, rise and fall, guns up, and another band but i don't remember the name...we left before blacklisted because jon and mike didn't want to see them, and i've seen them like 5 times...it was fun...i really like guns up..only bad part was i got punched in the face and kicked in the shin..oh well

outbreak and kegstand on wednesday!

no new found glory on thursday

school's over soon! find me a job


i forgot to mention that bracewar played too...it was fucking amazing!!! they covered "let it ride"...so fucking amazing!
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[15 Apr 2006|11:05am]
so yeah, alkaline trio play "goddammit" all the way through...then played some acoustic stuff including "good fucking bye" and "standard break from life" ...they played some new songs, some more old songs and then they covered the misfits "some kind of hate" and after the first chorus went right into "radio" ...so fucking amazing!

against me was awesome too...i kind of wish they played longer and the crowd was more into it...but they were still fucking wonderful as usual

i got a ticket to see brand new at the TLA in june! i also just bought a ticket for the bouncing souls and paint it black! come with me!
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[15 Apr 2006|01:58am]
tonight's show was amazing
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[14 Apr 2006|12:26am]
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SHOWSSSSS [12 Apr 2006|11:03am]
tonight at the TLA
the akas
the unseen
the casualties

friday night at the electric factory
alkaline trio
against me!

saturday at the waretown firehall

4/20 at the church
the draft
pink razors

4/27 at wiedner
new found glory

4/29 at flyers skate zone
guns up

5/7 giants stadium

5/12 at the church
9 shocks terror
strong intention
rumplestiltskin grinder

5/19 at the taj mahal
elvis costello

5/26 at the church
set your goals

5/27 at the church
like it or not
righteous jams
think i care

5/28 at the church

6/10 at the troc
bouncing souls
paint it black
the explosion

6/11 at the church
modern life is war
this is hell

6/21 at the tla
brand new
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[08 Apr 2006|07:06pm]
today was my cousin's wedding shower...good times

going to see fearless vampire killers tomorrow...yay! and i got my alkaline trio/against me! ticket situation all sorted out so, i'm excited for friday night now....yay!
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[06 Apr 2006|11:24pm]
so, i was talking to my cousin alison today, and we started talking about all the crazy stuff our family does..

prettygravemakr: no one can survive the fury of helen
prettygravemakr: not even whoopi and her dreads
super rad yesss: or the wrath of whoopi
super rad yesss: whoopi could take her
prettygravemakr: pffttt.
super rad yesss: helen wouldnt even see her coming
super rad yesss: wow that was horrible
prettygravemakr: horribly amazing
super rad yesss: we are strange beings
prettygravemakr: yeah, but that's why we are so awesome
super rad yesss: but i mean...how could we be anything but strange. look at our relatives
super rad yesss: 'patty on the popo' for instance
prettygravemakr: s-i-s-t-e-r spells g-i-g-i
super rad yesss: oh no! i think i missed that
prettygravemakr: oh man, remember that time at the beach when uncle walt was standing on the chair pretending to surf
super rad yesss: hahahaha yes
prettygravemakr: and singing that fenix tx song
super rad yesss: hahaha oh my god i remember once when grandmom started speaking mock chinese
super rad yesss: it was amazing
super rad yesss: with a straight face too
prettygravemakr: do you remember "we need more big people"?
super rad yesss: hahahah yeah
super rad yesss: and 'i need...a stick'
prettygravemakr: hahahaha
prettygravemakr: "it's fun here on the roller coaster i saved you a place"
prettygravemakr: do you remember uncle walt being "too drunk to be around people"?
super rad yesss: hahaha yeah
super rad yesss: harry the fisherman
prettygravemakr: uncle oogies, pi pi pizzaria
super rad yesss: everyones a winner at pirate island golf!
super rad yesss: yesss
prettygravemakr: haha
prettygravemakr: were you old enough to remember boogie in the morning?
super rad yesss: haha i remember it somewhat...in grandmoms hallway
prettygravemakr: haha, yeah
super rad yesss: because we would hang out in the laundry room hallway..thats not weird or anything
prettygravemakr: boogie in the morningggg, boogie in the night night night
super rad yesss: *flips the lights on and off*
prettygravemakr: haha, someone comes out of the closet screaming
super rad yesss: with a headless doll in their hands probably
prettygravemakr: oh man, and those creepy dolls
super rad yesss: hahaha
super rad yesss: they really were
prettygravemakr: yeah
super rad yesss: there were a lot of creepy things in that closet
prettygravemakr: yeah
super rad yesss: and those ice skates just hanging on the walls ready to cut your face
super rad yesss: what was grandmom thinking- 'hey walt, lets hang those sharp ice skates up in that closet the kids love to play in'
prettygravemakr: HAHAHA
super rad yesss: im surprised we're not more screwed up
super rad yesss: hahahah
prettygravemakr: yeah, i'm suprised no one got their face split open in that closet
super rad yesss: don't you remember our cousin gus?!!
prettygravemakr: hahahaha
super rad yesss: his face got split open and was never heard from again
prettygravemakr: now that i think about it though....that hallway was the only place inside that we were allowed to play
super rad yesss: hahah i know!
super rad yesss: it was like- go shut yourselves in the hallway kids
super rad yesss: and there were so many of us too
prettygravemakr: cause the dads were always watching sports
super rad yesss: and the moms were upstairs
prettygravemakr: and we weren't allowed to play upstairs
super rad yesss: and the up-upstairs was forbidden
prettygravemakr: haha, so lets send the 13 kids in the hallway
super rad yesss: hahahaha
super rad yesss: im surprised they didnt give us the laundry to do while we were in there
prettygravemakr: hahaha, i think they knew better than that
super rad yesss: wow thinking back on our family gatherings...they seem so normal to us, but they must be bizarre compared to other people's
prettygravemakr: haha, probably
super rad yesss: hahaha i remember playing in some random neighbor of grandmoms backyard once
prettygravemakr: haha
prettygravemakr: remember we always use to climb from like the stairs to the air conditioner thing?
super rad yesss: hahaha yeah
prettygravemakr: do you remember bumper cars? where we would cross our arms and run at each other?
super rad yesss: HAHAHAHA wow no i dont
super rad yesss: but i really would like to remember that
prettygravemakr: haha, you must have been little
prettygravemakr: oh man, and that crazy playground
prettygravemakr: with the tower deal that was supposed to have a slide but didn't
super rad yesss: hahaha i know
super rad yesss: and it had bees in it
super rad yesss: that was real safe
prettygravemakr: good times
prettygravemakr: and i remember that time at your old house when we put soda in water guns
super rad yesss: hahaah yeah
super rad yesss: and we also put it in my play kitchen coffee pot and it eventually got really moldy
prettygravemakr: haha
prettygravemakr: amazing
prettygravemakr: and i remember that time at grandmom's you like freaked out because no one wanted to watch chitty chitty bang bang
super rad yesss: hahahahaha
prettygravemakr: fajita round up
super rad yesss: hahahaha
super rad yesss: felix.
prettygravemakr: that kid is nuts
super rad yesss: insanee
prettygravemakr: do the chris mitchell
super rad yesss: in the membrane
super rad yesss: i need to see that dance

is anyone else's family ridiculous like mine? but seriously, i love my family
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[02 Apr 2006|11:30pm]
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[02 Apr 2006|12:11am]
oh man....the drive to seacaucus was fucking long as hell...2 freaking hours, but it was so worth it

the homefront, cash in, shook ones, sinking ships, the mongoloids, not so fast, and kegstand all tore it up...so much fun with a bunch of great kids...i will post pictures tomorrow, because i'm exhausted and not feeling to well
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[30 Mar 2006|09:10pm]
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[29 Mar 2006|10:52am]
last night was fun as hell...although we had to sit through like a million bands...was not pleased with the first like 3 or 4 bands...not a fan of guys acting like assholes and fucking running into the crowd, and jumping off chairs and nearly kicking me in the face...but whatever...cash in was amazing as usual...and set your goals was fucking AMAZING! so much fun...3 people jumped on my head, and my glasses got knocked off, but they weren't broken...but yeah...they played a great set and there was so much energy in the room...really completely wonderful..i will be posting pictures later
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[26 Mar 2006|12:57pm]
okay, so i'm watching hogan knows best...this show i fucking ridiculous...they made the kids get jobs at some local shitty restaruant, which i mean the kids are charging insane amounts of money and crap...so they have to get jobs...but then hulk is having the manager dude video tape them working and crap...and then the parents bring in a shit load of people and pretty much harass tehir kids while they are working

i mean i understand trying to teach your kids the value of hard work, but going in and harassing them at work is totally not cool at all...it's just mean

the moral of the story is, i need to stop watching crappy television
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[25 Mar 2006|04:40pm]
the buick is fixed..cost $150, which isn't as much as i thought it would cost..thank god

i'm broke though, hot topic totally messed up my paycheck, not real happy about that

i have a lot of work i should be doing right now, but i really haven't done any of it..yay

jess is an awesome roommate...she made us all these super cute easter..i mean spring baskets, with books and a water gun, and of course candy...it's pretty rad

going to see set your goals tuesday night! yesss!!!! i'm so excited for this show, you have no idea...also in one week i will be traveling to north jersey to see shook ones, sinking ships, kegstand, and cash in...it's going to be amazing

ps. peanut butter hershey kisses are amazing
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[21 Mar 2006|09:57am]
amy=broken...i mean stressed and poor

someone fix it?
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[19 Mar 2006|08:02pm]
i'm starting to get frustrated

i need a full time job, but can't find anything in the area that i want to work in...what the hell am i going to do?

i don't want to graduate and have to go out into the real world...
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[18 Mar 2006|12:25am]
recordnerd.com will take over your life

i need to buy more records, so give me money
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[17 Mar 2006|09:30pm]
tuesday night's show was fun...the mongoloids were alright, the other 2 opening bands were terrible...
blacklisted was fun as usual and the warriors were pretty good. the only problem i had was the fact that there were a lot of morons in the crowd who were into dancing like idiots and hitting people for no reason..yeah..people need to stop that..

didn't go see cold world tonight...jon couldn't get in contact with the kids he was going to try to get a ride with, and it turns out it would have been a 3 hour ride (not including construction traffic on 476) so it really wasn't worth it to see 3 bands...oh well

so instead of going to see cold world i'm spending st. patrick's day babysitting and watching sweet shows on the history channel about the irish mob. yeah, i'm awesome.

going to see set your goals on the 28th, i'm so freaking excited for that! then it's shook ones, sinking ships, and kegstand in north jersey on april 1st.

i need a real job, if anyone knows of any radio stations in south jersey that are hiring let me know.
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[16 Mar 2006|06:13pm]
so i'm trying to find some cute 0 gauge plugs...most of what i found were ugly acrylic ones with stupid patterns and silly things at the end and needed o rings...but i did find some really nice stone ones..most of which were expensive or sold seperately and only had like one in my size...i am bidding on a couple cool stone pairs on ebay...so hopefully i win them...

there really was no point to this at all


i found this site and found some awesome plugs...buy me some
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